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TTP Toilety Drive Campaign

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El Paso Elk's Lodge 187 

Charitable Work Is What We Do Best!


JOINING FORCES with New Mexico Lodges!

“Alone, we can do so little; together, we can do so much” – Helen Keller.


This month was special and an amazing way to close out Q3.  As you may or may not know, El Paso Elks Lodge 187 TTP Outreach program provides needed toiletry items (toilet paper, shampoo/conditioner/ body soap, toothbrush and toothpaste) to local non-profits, poor schools, veterans etc. These basic items are proven to provide self-dignity and self-worth and promotes overall well-being and good health. This year, to date, we’ve provided over $161,690 in toiletries and items, to the El Paso community, with this program alone!


We’ve worked extremely hard over the past five years to make this campaign successful and wanted to expand the program, to assist “more” people - while “collaborating together” with our fellow lodges!


A few months ago, we extended an invite to all New Mexico lodges to host their own TTP campaign, fully funded by El Paso Elks lodge.  Four NM Elks lodges participated (Albuquerque, Deming, Elephant Butte and Silver City.) We provided each lodge a turn-key TTP community program, including lodge specific TTP logos, posters, social posts, sample press releases and campaign evaluation forms.  We also were available for any questions along the way.


We encouraged participating NM lodges from July-September to collect additional toiletries from their lodge members, family, friends, and their communities to enhance the impact of their TTP program.


Then, at the end of September, each  participating NM lodge received a “TTP Toiletries” Amazon package which included toilet paper, shampoo,conditioner, body soap, toothbrush and toothpaste.  To give you an idea, most of these lodges received 8 or more cases of TP, plus several cases of shampoo, conditioner, body soap, toothbrushes and toothpaste.


We are eagerly waiting for these lodges to wrap up their distribution drives and can’t wait to congratulate each of them. Several NM local organizations were helped including local veterans groups, local non profits and more.  We will provide more details and pictures next month.  “Thank You” to each of the NM lodges who participated and for all your extra efforts to help your communities! 💜  We are so proud to be part of it and hope the impact in your communities was grand!!!


“Together we ARE making a difference,” in our community. 

2022 Q3 TTP Campaign

What a great month!! El Paso Elks lodge #187 celebrated 🎉 131 years of serving the El Paso community, by giving back!!!

We are proud to announce that our August TTP collection and distribution drive is complete and we provided over $14,000 back to our community.  More than 15 local nonprofits and veterans groups received toiletries items during our TTP distribution drive!  Way to go team 187!! 👏💜





Also we’re thankful to NMEA President Hitchcock for his visit!  

He was able to experience first-hand  the TTP campaign and our lodge team members hard at work and was touched by all the testimonials given by several non profits!  The day was ended with a great 131st Anniversary Dinner Celebration at the lodge!! 


Huge shout out and “thank you” everyone who donated toiletries. We appreciate it so much and every donation counts and makes a difference!

2022 Q2 TTP Campaign

We are proud to announce that our Q2 TTP collection and distribution drives are complete and we’ve provided over $55,730.36 back to our community with toiletry packages and sanitary products to the following organizations:


Organizations who benefited included:

Anthony Elementary

Livesay-chavez Post 122

Magoffin Haven

St Anthony

Texas Workforce Solutions Borderplex

St. Marks

Canutillo Schools

St Stephens Church

Nuevo Cuidad

Zen Martial Arts

Opportunity Center

CAFE Golf Tournament

Deanna Davenport School

Eastwood High Special Needs

Helen Ball Elementary School

VTLC & Magoffin

Anthonv Elementary

Elks Lodge Ruidoso

Elks Lodge Silver City

Elks Lodge Alamogordo

Elks Lodge Deming

Elks Lodge Las Vegas

A special and heartfelt "Thank You" to all that volunteer their time and talents week after week.💕🙂.  "Together, we ARE “Making a Difference in our Community!”

2022 Q1 TTP Campaign

“Together we ARE making a difference,” in our community. We are proud to announce that our Q1 TTP collection and distribution drives were able to provide needed toiletry items along with cleaning supplies, and sanitizer and antibacterial wipes to several local nonprofits and schools in the El Paso community.  Recipients included  Garcia Elementary, Deanna Davenport School, Las crusces High School, Opportunity Center, Salvation Army, St Vencent Clinic, Purple Heart School and the VTLC.  Over $37,000 was given back to our community.  WAY TO GO! 👍🏼👏👏💜

We would like to extend a heartfelt “Thank You” to Dollar General, for their continued support and generous donations, which allows our lodge to provide needed items throughout our community. Please support your closest Dollar General store and look for our toy collection boxes at the front of the stores.  

A special and heartfelt "Thank You" to all that volunteer their time and talents week after week.💕🙂.  "Together, we ARE “Making a Difference in our Community!”


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Very happy to announce we have been awarded  $4500 for the Impact Grant renewal to continue our TTP toiletries outreach program efforts. And Collection drives have begun. 

We will need and ask everyone of our members and chartered organizations to donate toiletries help thought out the year, starting with our 1st Quarter TTP collection drive.  One or two packages of toilet paper each month, from each member, would assist us greatly.  


To kick this off, a huge shoutout and “Thank you” to our Boyscout troop 187 for their generous collection and donation of toiletries. Way to go!! 🙌👏💜


21 Q4 TTP Toiletry Collections & Distribution Drive

2021 Wrap up.  Through this program, our lodge contributed over $200,000 back to our community in 2021, with $6,500 support from ENF Impact Grant.  WAY TO GO!

21 Q3 - 130th Celebration & TTP Toiletry Collections!
23 Nonprofits Helped...Over $27,900 Given Back to Our Community in Q3!!! 
130th Celebration & TTP Toiletry Collections

We will continue TTP drives in Q3 benefitting various local non-profits, schools, veterans and needy families have been and will continue to receive toiletry items, clothing, toys, food and other household items through our TTP program.  

21 TTP Q2 (Toiletry Drives) 

Our 2nd Quarter community outreach Charity and Giving programs are off to an amazingly strong start.   Various local non-profits, schools, veterans and needy families have been and will continue to receive toiletry items, clothing, toys, food and other household items through our TTP program.  

We’d like to thank Larry E. Floyd & El Paso Baptist Association, for blessing Elks Lodge 187 with over 4,500 food boxes & 4,500 gallons of milk to distribute to people in need. That’s over $171,000 in food & $4,800 in toiletries!!!  Way to go Elks volunteers for proving again that “Elk’s Care & Elks Share!”

We would like to extend a heartfelt “Thank You” to Dollar General, for their continued support and generous donations, which allows our lodge to provide needed items throughout our community.  Please support your closest Dollar General store.


A special and heartfelt thank you to all that volunteer their time and talents week after week.💕🙂.  "Together, we ARE “Making a Difference in our Community!”

June 9, 2021: 
June 7 2021: 
June 4,  2021: 
21 TTP Q1 (Toiletry Drives)
With the assistance of the Dollar General and the El Paso Baptist Association, our TTP campaign continues to assist the El Paso community. This week, over 190 boxes of food and 50 toiletry bags were provided to Purple Heart, Deanna Davenport, Vista Del Sol, Gadsden Independent School District, plus veterans from Endeavor. Together, we are making a difference in our community!
Troop 187 Collection of Toiletries!
Huge "Thank You" to our outstanding Troop 187 for their toiletry collection efforts.  Many people will benefit from these toiletry collections! 
2020 TTP (Toiletry Drive) Summary!
Amazing year and we could not be more humbled or thankful.  Over $110,000 given back to the El Paso Community, to more than 30 non-profit organizations, veterans groups and families in need!!  Thanks to EVERYONE who helped, donated and distributed items, in 2020.
20 Q4 -TTP (Toiletry Drive) !
13 Local Non-Profits Served!!
20 Q4 - Please support Elks Lodge 187 TTP (Toiletry Drive)
20 Q3 -TTP (Toiletry Drive) !
15 Local Non-Profits  Served!!
20 Q1 & Q2 -TTP (Toiletry Drive) !
10 Local Non-Profits  Served!!
2019 ttp tOILETRY dRIVES
19 4th qUARTER TTP (Toiletry Drive) Part 1 of 2
19 4th qUARTER TTP (Toiletry Drive) Part 2 of 2
ktsm weather fest TTP toiletry collection tv spot
KTSM Weather Fest elk's Interview
19 1ST qUARTER TTP (Toiletry Drive)
Join us at ktsm weather fest
19 3rd qUARTER TTP (Toiletry Drive)
19 2ND qUARTER TTP (Toiletry Drive)
2019 ttp tOILETRY dRIVE- receipiant testimonials
elks lodge 187 ttp campaign wins national award - 2 years in a row!
2018 ttp tOILETRY dRIVES
OCTOBER TTP (Toiletry drive - collection request)
El Paso's First Space Festival at the Elks Lodge in September PRE-PROMOTE
august TTP (Toiletry Drive)
over 13,000 items donated
to local non-profits in
July - TTP Campaign drive 
July TTP Campaign please
bsa TTP toiletry drive
El Paso's First Space Festival EVENT at the Elks Lodge in September!
sEPTEMBER TTP (Toiletry Drive-collection request)
TTP Campaign drive - RETRO
"TTP Campaign wins  elks
National award - 1st place in "Community project" Contest
winners announced "BSA \
TTP Challenge"
winner announced "PAY IT
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ABOUT TTP Toiletry Drives at Lodge 187

About TTP Toiletries Drive CAMPAIGN


To help celebrate Elks 150th Anniversary in 2018,  Elks Lodge 187 was excited to announce our first Annual TTP (Toiletries) Community Outreach Campaign.  We asked local schools, various businesses, and El Pasoans to support our valuable community campaign through toiletry product donations,  volunteering, and asked businesses to consider being toiletries collection points.


THE NEED:  El Paso non-profit organizations are in need of basic toiletries to meet the demand of their communities in their facilities.  The TTP campaign will address these basic needs and endeavor to fill this breach in our community.   Hygiene and health are intimately interwoven.  Research has shown that basic hygiene products (toilet paper, tooth brush/paste, body wash/soap) are essential and can change a person’s life by providing a sense of self and overall better health. The mission of the  TTP campaign is enhance the quality of life - in the El Paso community, making it a better place to live.  The campaign goal is to assist numerous local non-profit agencies throughout the year,  that assist people in need.   

WHY IS LODGE 187 DOING THIS PROJECT:  El Paso Elks was founded in 1891 and has always provided support to the El Paso Community, it's youth, veterans and people with disabilities.  We developed the annual TTP campaign in order to make a greater community impact and extend our charitable services, applied for and received the IMPACT GRANT for 2018.  The TTP campaign will allow Elks Lodge 187 to assist many local non profits, by providing the basic necessities - which in turn, will allow these organizations to better serve their communities. 

WHO WILL BENEFIT / RECEIVE TOILETRIES COLLECTED:  Local organizations serving low income families, homeless & transitional living centers, veterans organizations, family & children’s violence centers, elderly care and persons with disabilities organizations, to name a few.


​DONATIONS WE ARE SEEKING:  We are asking the El Pasoans and Elks members to donate toiletries (toilet paper, tooth paste/brushes, shampoo/conditioner, & body wash)  and we are always in need of volunteers.

​WHEN ARE THE LODGE TTP TOILETRY DRIVES:  The lodge will be hosting quarterly TTP toiletry collection & distribution drives at the Elks Lodge, on 4 designated Saturday's, per quarter, from 11-1p.


o   Sorting  and organizing toiletry items

o   Working with others to load / unload toiletry collections

o   Working with other team volunteers to assemble toiletry packaging for pick-up and delivery

o   Greeting walk-in donors and non-profit organizations who are picking up items

o   Assisting with cleaning up after each collection drive


We are inviting student volunteers that need community service hours, to help.

Students will benefit by:

  • engaging in the valuable work of helping others

  • practicing life skills such as organizing

  • problem solving/decision making

  • increased communication skills

  • strengthening teamwork/cooperation skills

  • building self confidence and sense of empowerment that comes from reaching out and helping others and practicing good citizenship by making a difference in our community

CAN TOILETRIES BE ORDERED ONLINE & SHIPPED DIRECTLY TO THE LODGE?: We've also set up an AMAZON.COM TTP WISH LIST:   To order toiletries online that will ship directly to lodge 187, please click link below to be directed to the EL PASO ELKS 187 - TTP WISHLIST ON AMAZON.COM

HOW IS TTP BEING PROMOTED TO THE COMMUNITY: The lodge is actively promoting the TTP campaign through monthly event submissions to various El Paso media channels including press releases, TTP Facebook page and paid posts, twitter along with on-air interviews and our website





Should you have questions or need further information please reach out to Cheryl Kelly 433-7335 or Tori Scott 727-0498.  We will be happy to assist any way we can.   Additionally, should you know of any businesses that might be interested in becoming a TTP Toiletries collection location, or has employee volunteer programs, please provide/share this info or provide the lodge  with the business contact information and we'll do the rest.  We have TTP flyers, posters, boxes etc. that are available. We also ask every Elks Lodge member share with this information with their friends and family and certainly share with businesses visited frequently.



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